One monthly payment. Selma handles everything.

What's included?

Selma handles everything for you for one monthly payment.

🔐  A secure Swiss bank account.
💵  Take out or add money at any time.

  • Rebalancing
  • Transactions fees
  • Bank account fee
  • Swiss tax reporting
  • No kickbacks
  • Email updates
  • Selma crew support 👋

Not included

Because everyone’s investment planet is different, these costs vary.

Selma always looks for the cheapest products and the most optimal way to trade.

Products' own price

On average 0.22% per year. This is the cost of the products that Selma picks for you.

Swiss stamp duty

0.075 - 0.15% per transaction. The stamp duty is paid for the trades that Selma makes for you.

🚀  Test with virtual money. Invest with 5.000 CHF or more when you feel like it.

🤔 Does this make sense? Fees can be difficult to understand, so if you have any questions, ask away in chat!