Let's change the way how investing is done.

Investing money should be easy to understand, fast, fairly priced and exciting. We’re building Selma so that anyone can enjoy investing – regardless if you’re a pro or just starting up. 😊
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Selma Finance Oy
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The Selma crew

Asish Bhattarai
Software engineer
Asish is a full-stack software engineer passionate about building digital solutions that users love to use. He uses JavaScript, React, Node, Ruby and Rails to do his magic. Asish likes to play ⚽, 🍳 and 📖 in his spare time.
Bang Nguyen
Front end developer
Bang is an enthusiastic React developer with many tools under his belt. He's keen on keeping the quality of code high. Bang loves spending time running, playing and watching football, and gaming both on his PC and PS4. 🎮
Carina Wetzlhütter
Customer Experience Manager
Carina makes technology understandable. As the former marketing lead of a complex software product, she joined Selma to help explain finance in a more human way. Winter being her favorite season, she loves ❄️ and 🎿 .
Jarkko Laine
Lead Developer
Jarkko has years of experience with Ruby, Rails, Elixir, PostgreSQL, React, Elm, ...and the list goes on. He’s also a writer, a hands-on startup entrepreneur and a beardy orienteering enthusiast. 🏃
Jyri Leinonen
Senior Software Engineer
Jyri is an experienced developer with a holistic approach to product development. In his free time, he likes to train long-distance running 🏃 and restore cars 🔧🚗.
Kevin Linser
Founder, Marketing lead
Kevin is a marketer (MSc), who is specialised in service and brand development. He helps you to get started with Selma and keeps you up to date. Outside the office you can spot him🎿 or 🏃.
Marco Barmettler
Customer Success Specialist
Marco is a Customer Success Specialist with a background in accounting and finance. He always wants to make our clients happy. If he is not in the office he is probably reading a book or doing something active. 📖 🏋
Mikael Roos
Founder, CTO
Mikael is an entrepreneur and software engineer whose understanding of building great products has taken him from startups to a Fortune 500 company and back. He also likes cooking sous vide 🍔.
Nicolas Wechner
Nicolas supports us in customer support and business administration. He is currently studying at Universität St. Gallen. He is interested in economics, graphic design and game development. 🎲
Niklas Linser
Community Manager
Niklas is taking care of the community at Selma. He is an expert in communication, holds a degree in international economics and is way too passionate about 🎾.
Patrik Schär, CFA
Founder, CEO
Patrik is a banker (MSc) and financial analyst that takes care of our algorithms and customers. After more than 10 years in the Swiss banking industry he feels investing has to become simpler and more transparent. If Patrik isn’t in the office he’s playing impro theater. 🎭
Samar Zureik
Art Director
Samar is a graphic designer by day and type designer by night. At Selma she focuses on anything visual. She studied between France and Finland where she acquired skills for visual and type design. She’s also a certified sommelier.🍷
Sonja Egger
Content & Community Manager
Sonja is a communication pro with background in Media and Intercultural Communication. She is here with the mission to keep your content varied, interesting and enjoyable. Outside of working hours Sonja is either swinging the paint brush or watching cat videos. 😺
Thomas Pirker
Operations Manager
Thomas focuses on all things related to customer support. With 20 years in the field and a MSc in finance, he is passionate about investing long-term. He also enjoys winter lake-skating and climbing mountains in the summer. 🏔
Valeria Gasik
Founder, Design lead
Valeria is a UX designer and a seasoned entrepreneur with M.Sc in IT. She makes complex stuff simple and enjoyable. You’ll likely find a lot of doodles on her desk. ✍️.
Madincea Vasile
Senior Software Engineer
Vasi is a passionate developer who loves to see the products he works on having an impact on society. He also loves nature, travelling, books and video games. 🕹

Our investors

Andreas Widmer
Andreas’ expertise helps Selma’s family of contributors and clients grow and prosper. For the past 20 years, he has thrived in the Swiss media scene as the CEO of Futurecom, Wunderman (Switzerland) and Y&R Group Switzerland.
Gerhard E. Walde
Gerhard knows the ins and outs of building a company with a great corporate culture. As a founder of Walde & Partner he and his wife Marianne have built one of the leading Swiss real estate companies.
Marianne Walde
Marianne brings her extensive experience of building companies to the table to help Selma grow. As a founder of Walde & Partner she and her husband Gerhard have built one of the leading Swiss real estate companies.
Michael Widmer
Michael knows all there is to know about banking and financial markets. In his 20 years of experience in the international financial industry he worked among other things as commercial lawyer, as a member of the executive committee of the derivative exchange Eurex and as the CEO of the Gutenberg Group..
Oliver Eglin
Oliver cheers Selma on with his “get things done” attitude and valuable strategic foresight. He is a hands-on entrepreneur who knows how to run successful businesses and organizations.
Dr. Stefan Jaecklin, CFA, FRM
Senior Advisor, Investor
Stefan was a partner of Oliver Wyman and responsible for the European wealth management division. He is an expert in portfolio strategy and also holds a PhD in this field. He is primarily responsible for Selma's overall asset management methodology.

We are building Selma with your help

Join us on our journey to turn investing into a relaxed and everyday task without complicated financial jargon or hidden fees. 😊

See how Selma works

Open.selma.io shows you all about our work, team, learnings and inspirations.

The contributor wall of fame features all the amazing contributors who have aready helped us to shape Selma with their feedback.

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